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Commercial Mortgage Financing

Purchase, expand, or refinance your commercial building(s).

What Do You Need to Qualify? Offers the Best Small Business Offers the Best Small Business Financing

2+ Years

In Business Offers the Best Small Business Financing

$100,000 in Annual Revenue Offers the Best Small Business Financing

620+ Credit Score

What Are Commercial Mortgage Loans?

Commercial mortgages help business owners buy or refinance land or a building used for business. In most cases, commercial mortgages operate based on a fixed-rate loan. This means the interest rate will remain the same throughout the term of the mortgage, instead of changing as the year’s pass.

Taking out a commercial mortgage can give you the financial freedom to buy a new building, or release equity from an existing owner. A commercial mortgage can also help you to extend, upgrade, or refinish the building. To capitalize on new opportunities, a commercial mortgage can help you purchase a new location.

By purchasing or refinancing your commercial property, you can take steps to improve your business, or utilize the building’s equity to pursue new opportunities!

Our commercial real estate loans have helped companies all over the country get back on course, not only by improving existing business, but also by expanding it! Restaurants, distributors, retail stores, contractors, doctors, trucking companies, and automotive services represent just a few of the industries we’ve served. Depending on your financial situation, we may have a number of commercial mortgage financing options that fit your business! Offers the Best Small Business Financing

How Can Commercial Mortgage Financing Help Me?

A commercial mortgage is a loan that is secured by commercial real estate, such as an office, building, warehouse, mall or apartment complex. In return for pledging collateral, business owners get a lower interest rate (and therefore lower total cost of borrowing) versus an unsecured business loan. They also typically qualify for a larger loan with a longer term, since commercial real estate is a fixed asset that usually does not depreciate in value over time. Commercial mortgage financing can be a game-changer for an entrepreneur. When you unlock the full potential of your building(s), you can expand your business by purchasing additional commercial real estate or relocating to a new location. You can also refinance these properties to make capital improvements instead of paying out of pocket for business expenses. Pursue new business and growth opportunities by taking advantage of the equity in your commercial real estate.

Unlock the Lowest Rates, Longest Terms, and Highest Amounts Offers the Best Small Business Financing Offers the Best Small Business Financing

Financing Amount

$100,000 - $5 Million

Flexible Terms

6 Months - 10 Years

Time to Fund

2 - 7 Days

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