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CannaBusiness Financing Solution

Access capital without giving up equity through our trailblazing, cannabis-specific financing and higher loan amounts.

BoomCity’s CannaBusiness Financing Solution gives aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs in all areas of the industry the resources they need to grow their own way! Offering a fresh solution to an industry in which all applications previously led to rejections, this new financing solution is the best choice for cannabis companies seeking cost-effective financing—without selling equity in the process.

Grow Your Own Way

From cultivation to marketing companies and dispensaries, our CannaBusiness Financing Solution is here to help you grow your own way, as long as your business model is in line with state laws!

What Is the CannaBusiness Financing Solution?

What Can You Use the CannaBusiness Financing Solution for?

The cannabis industry is growing—literally. If you want to compete, you’ll need the capital to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. BoomCity’s CannaBusiness Financing Solution can provide you with that capital, allowing you to purchase inventory, secure equipment, add team members and more. Here are a few of the many uses of our CannaBusiness Financing Solution: • Biotechnology • Hemp & CBD Products • Consumption Devices • Cannabis-Specific Marketing & Business Development Agencies • Cultivation, Growing and Farming • Marijuana Products • Other Ancillary Cannabis Companies Don’t operate at less than full capacity; leverage our CannaBusiness Financing Solution to see success on your schedule. There’s more opportunity now than ever in the fast-growing $10 billion cannabis industry. But banks won’t even consider applications, and taking on investors means signing away profit share forever. That’s why you need our CannaBusiness Financing Solution to drive your growth. Get equipment to grow marijuana or working capital for your dispensary—fast. Get growing right away with approvals in 24 hours and funding in 48! Secure all the cannabis capital you need thanks to BoomCity’s industry-specific solution!

What Do You Need to Qualify? Offers the Best Small Business Financing

1 Year in Business Offers the Best Small Business Financing

$100,000 in Annual Revenue Offers the Best Small Business Financing

No Minimum Credit Score

Unlock the Lowest Rates, Longest Terms, and Highest Amounts Offers the Best Small Business Financing Offers the Best Small Business Financing

Loan Amount

$10K – $5 Mil

Flexible Terms

6 Months - 10 Years

Time to Fund

1 - 3 Days

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