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Small Business Loans

Receive a lump sum of funds to use for any business purpose.

A small business loan provides funding for entrepreneurs to tackle challenges, take advantage of opportunities, and invest in their businesses. You can use the funds for almost any business purpose, including working capital, equipment, expansions, payroll, and other investments.

Our industry-leading marketplace brings the best small business lenders together in one place, making it easy for you to apply, compare options, and ensure you choose the right loan.

What Do You Need to Qualify for a Small Business Loan?

BoomCity Funding Provides Loans Up to $10 Million
BoomCity Funding Provides Loans Up to $10 Million
BoomCity Funding Provides Loans Up to $10 Million

1 Year in Business

$100,000 in Annual Revenue

580+ Credit Score

Specialty Financing Options
To Accomplish What You Want

Personalized solutions for your unique circumstances.

Cover any expense:

  • Increase working capital

  • Purchase more inventory

  • Update equipment

  • Cover payroll

  • Add locations

  • Hire employees

In any industry:

  • Construction

  • Transportation

  • E-Commerce

  • Medical

  • Wholesale/Distributors

  • CannaBusiness


Unlock Your Potential with Our Lending Solutions

Partnering for Your Financial Success

Which Lender Is the Best One for Me?

There’s no “best” type of lender for any or every type of business. The one that you should work with is the one where you can get exactly what you need on your timeline.

BoomCity Funding is a Specialty Finance Group with exclusive lender relationships, where you can get offers you can’t get anywhere else and choose the best financing solution based on your business qualifications.

At BoomCity Funding, we make this process as simple and painless as possible. Instead of doing all of this on your own, our Business Finance Advisors find the lenders your business qualifies with and submit an application on your behalf.

We don’t just submit you to 75+ lenders though. Instead, we find the ones that are most likely to yield the most competitive offers and apply only to them. There are no hard credit checks either, so your credit is safe. 

Seize your opportunity to grow your business and gain access to the capital you need!

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Business Loans?

 $2+ Billion 


 52 Million+ 


We’ve secured over $2 billion in financing for business owners since 2007 – and we’re just getting started.

The total transactions weve secured for entrepreneurs give business owners growth to succeed.

Compared to working with direct lenders, our frictionless financing has saved business owners 52 million+ hours. (1,896 hours per person!)

We are a market leader in funding $30K - $5M+ transactions. Need more? Just ask.

Women Business Owners Trust

Why BoomCity?

Exclusive Lender Relationships

Get offers from lenders you can’t find anywhere else, then choose the right options for your business.

Funding In Hours

Once your application is accepted, you can get the money in your bank account just a few hours later.

Business Advisors for Your Company

Your personal business advisor will help you maximize the return on your investment while keeping your payments manageable.

Borrow Up to $10 Million

Combine lending options, such as a Small Business Administration loan and a business line of credit, to maximize the money you can borrow.

Get Higher Loan Amounts from
Accounts Receivable Financing from

BoomCity Funding is the perfect partner to help you reach your business goals. Our platform allows you to find all the money you qualify for, then review your lending options from 75+ B2B lenders.


Get funded in hours and take advantage of opportunities, solve challenges, and reach your full potential.

About BoomCity Funding

BoomCity Funding is an industry-leading Business FinTech marketplace offering both large and small business loans and financing.


Our mission is to empower small businesses to achieve greatness through financial stability. We believe that every small business should have access to the funding they need to succeed. That's why we offer a variety of flexible financing options and expert lender matching to ensure that you receive the funding you need to grow your business.


 Market Leader in Funding $30K to 

 $5+ Million Business Loans 

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Working with BoomCity Funding, you’re getting more than a resource for funding; you’re gaining a team of financing experts invested in your growth. With over 70 years of combined financial experience, our team has the smarts and the skills to secure the capital that your business depends on to fuel your success.

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